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Re: K10 rear springs q and a

Originally Posted by Blackfyre77 View Post
I do trust what im told on this site, im just confused, my spring perches are factory riveted to my frame still in a location 4 inches wider than the other k10 frame i have, the other chassis i have is from a 1971 or 72, has 52 inch springs my truck is a 1970 and the springs that are on it measure 57-1/2. I know my trucks chasis is at least a 1970 chasis because it has drum front brakes and the dana 44 front pulls numbers reading 1969 for manufacture. So, it should be a 69 or 70. My truck is titled as 1970, not that things couldnt have been changed over 48 years. You are saying the spring WIDTH was the difference in 67 and 68? The lengths remained the same? My frame, also, is identical to the 71 or 72 that i have in most other ways, with the exception of no clearance dimples where the steering gear mounts, forged steel front - front leaf spring mounts instead of stamped, and the spacing of the rear leaf mounts. ALL mounts are still factory riveted in location. Im CERTAIN my frame is a 67-72 frame, and im sure it requires a spring longer than 52 inches, im just trying to be certain at this point i dont have a 67 or 68 frame which takes the springs that arent manufactured in lift form.
You have my attention!! Can you post some pictures of what youíve got? The frame not being dimpled makes me wonder if itís a 67. Have you tried to dig for the partial vin stamped on the drivers frame rail by the steering box? some of the earlier trucks donít have that stamping.
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