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Re: K10 rear springs q and a

Well, i hope my lift i ordered will fit, i bought the 56 inch springs. I can always relocate the brackets if necessary, but i didnt want to remove the factory rivets. If the width is different, i have the brackets on the other frames. One way or the other ill be ok i guess, i just wanted to know what i had. Its becoming clear that my truck is very pieced together, which is really pretty ok with me, i never plan to sell anyway, and its more of a sand dune toy than an investment truck, i just happen to like this body style more than any other. I put a 400sbc with a th400 and np205 in it anyway and when i bought it it had a 250 with an sm465 and np205 in it, so im obviously not too concerned with originality, i just want a nice truck that is what i want to have. I own a 72 k5 blazer as well, i just love that body style chevy, my wife wants a suburban i just havent found the right deal on one yet for her. I will take some photos of the frame and spring perches to show you guys what im talking about since i have some interest in that when i get it up on the hoist tomorrow, let me know what you think. Those numbers on the frame should be on the top flat of the frame over the gearbox, correct?
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