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Re: Thompson power blast plate- Carb innovation?

I hear people comparing this to fuel injection. Remember, this device is only on the accelerator pump - what percentage of the fuel you burn goes through the accelerator pump? So how much do you think it's going to improve fuel economy, even if it does work?

I don't believe there is any way you're going to pick up 15 pounds of torque by modifying the accelerator stream. You might get slightly quicker acceleration (possibly), but by the time you reach 4,000 RPM (where max torque is shown on the dyno sheet) you're probably already at WOT and the accelerator pump isn't in play.

Also notice that the language on their website is full of disclaimers: ...many variables...vary from motor to motor...not designed to achieve added performance...

These types of claims have been around for years, and people spend lots of money on them. Popular Mechanics did an article a few years back where they took about 15 different "fuel savers" and put them on a dyno. The results? None of them actually saved any fuel, and some of them made the fuel mileage worse.
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