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Re: Thompson power blast plate- Carb innovation?

Well looking at this logically I think the only way to truly prove the products worth is on a dyno. The throttle application would have to be computer controlled to achieve consistent and repeatable throttle application. Then you'd have to measure rpm change over time to determine just how effective the different pattern is at improving throttle response. That I would assume is the most important factor. Measuring AFR wouldn't tell you much except for how much efficiency was improved. But as it was stated overall fuel economy wouldn't be significantly effected by this since accelerator pumps only kick in during initial throttle application because engine vacuum is reduced and the Venturis don't have a strong enough signal to enrich the mixture. Once the engine vacuum stabilizes after a throttle application the Venturis take back over for the most part.

I don't want to be a skeptic thinking/saying "somebody would've thought of this by now" but I am. With guys like Barry Grant and all the other carb makers like Quick Fuel that have redesigned and optimized older designs, you'd think someone would've done this by now. Maybe they did experiment with it and found it didn't offer enough of an improvement to justify it or it may have effected something else. Either way, it's better than the other garbage like the Tornado, but it's damn expensive for a tiny piece of metal.
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