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Re: Are you guys as disappointed with 07 and up chevy trucks as i am?

Originally Posted by aotte1 View Post
2010 silverado, with 5.3 and 6 speed auto, short bed, really like it, no problems at 54K miles. Great driver. Especially like the 6 speed auto, with kick A... First gear. It gives Hemi chargers a run up to legal speeds.

Just like the statement above. 2011 GMC SWB, lowered 5/7 and running a 5.3Kooks headers, Magnaflow dual exhaust, 6 speed auto and 3.42 gears. I have 140,000 miles on the truck and it runs pretty damn good,with an EFI Live tune on the engine and tranny. In cold weather the mileage drops off a little, but if driven responsibly I can put down 20 MPG on the highway.
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