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Re: Are you guys as disappointed with 07 and up chevy trucks as i am?

Originally Posted by N2TRUX View Post
That problem has not improved. Between my family, and my in-laws we have 6 late model GM trucks or SUVs. With the exception of my 2013 all of them have had the dash pad replaced.

Another issue these have are the exterior door handles are plastic and commonly break. I have replaced several of those. I quit buying GM handles, and tried aftermarket the last time. I paid 19.95 on Amazon for a GM replica and it looks great. Normally I would only buy GM parts, but I figure these cant be any words than the GM junk.

Power folding mirrors are another poor design. Again, between me and the in-laws we have replaced several.

My biggest peeve with this gen of GM trucks is the headlight design. On my wifes 2007 Denali you pulled a L shaped pin and the head light swung out for access to the bulbs. Freakin ingenious idea that made access to light bulb change so simple you could do a change in the auto parts parking lot.

Have you tried to change a headlight bulb in any 20072013 trucks? You better You Tube it before you get started. It is easily a 2 hour job and be assured you will be cussing GM design engineers about 15 minutes in.

If you have a headlight bulb go out, heres a couple of very valuable tips. First off, replace both low beams at the same time. You have already done 90% of the work getting to one, you should do the other at this time too. Three times now I have had the second one fail with in a very short period.

Another tip you might cringe at, but you will appreciate if you do have to do this twice. There is a long tab at the bottom of the headlight assembly that requires you to remove a portion of the fender liner to access. Once you loosen the bolt on that tab, grab the headlight firmly and twist and tug on it. This will snap that lower tab off. As much as I hate doing things like this, that tab is not necessary to hold the light assembly tight, and reduces the install time by 15-20 minutes.

Yep, I am disappointed in certain features of the 20072013 GM trucks. I hope they have been improved before I buy again.
I know how you are changing bulbs, but on the driver's side, I take out the spare battery tray (10 bolts and an air ratchet, no problem) and take the bolt to the windshield washer tank out and change the bulbs. The passenger side, take out the air box for the engine and change the bulbs. Less time expended, than taking the truck fenders apart. The only thing that I don't like is the heater temp control motor and the rubber-band control associated with it.
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