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Re: 49 5-Window Cab - Inner Panel Rust - Fix or Replace?

Originally Posted by andreas_kc View Post
Not the best picture, but what I have atm. The inner panel to the center rear window is really badly rusted almost all around the center window. Once it was blasted it definitely came out pretty bad. Does the center section remove from the inner sides that fit the corner windows?

Best example pic of the inner 5 window panel (not mine) looks like the center section would separate and I could replace just that?

Is it easier to replace this or weld in patch pieces? Its rusted out right around the crease/bend around the center window.
What I see in picture one is very badly rotted. I'm willing to bet that the outer panel is near that bad if you poked it with an awl. You will need to remove the inside center section at the seams media blast the outer panel that mates with it and then evaluate how to proceed.

I see at minimum a outer and inner panel replacement if you don't want that rust popping through is 2 years or less, when you open it up your find more than one nest of cloths and paper no doubt.
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