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Re: Help! turn signal switch reassembly order

Another update... I found the 4 locking tabs on the shifter housing that I need to lock the shift assembly into. Strangely, I dont remember rotating the switch housing the 45* to remove it - but that may explain why my wheel has always made a metal on metal sound and the gaps between these two parts was incorrect.

Also, I think I know the reason why; I have done everything I can to push the switch assembly further on to the column including whacking it with a rubber mallet. Looking down through where the shift lever would go (I have a floor shifter, auto), I can see that there should be enough room to turn it. Problem is, that thing will NOT budge! My oil filter wrench is too small to fit around it. Any tips?

It looks like I'm doing a lot of talking to myself in this thread

edit: frayed the wire twisting the housing so hard. Maybe that was my hangup? Ugh... time to break out the electrical tape and reassemble. Man lining up that switch inside the body and screwing it in is a pain
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