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Re: Do you have a 1972 Plaid Suburban?

Originally Posted by Bigdav160 View Post
Good catch. Why someone would order a YG6 plus A/C and not just go YG8 is beyond me.

Nice truck but would have been better restored.
I have been thinking about that and may have the answer. If you ordered the YG8 package A/C was included and the RPO Code for a pickup ( couldn't find a Burb Spid with just front A/C ) with A/C was C60. The A/C code on the Burb shows C69 and Air Conditioning-OV is printed on the Spid. I'm thinking the YG8 Package contents were specific and if you wanted a Burb with front and rear A/C you would have had to order the YG6 and add the front and rear A/C. Same things goes why didn't they order a YG7 Package. The YG7 includes an automatic trans and this Burb was built with a 4 speed standard.
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