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Re: Do you have a 1972 Plaid Suburban?

Originally Posted by SS Tim View Post
Many people know about the Highlander Plaid seat trim option on both Chevrolet and GMC conventional light trucks.

However in an attempt to reach out to those who don't know I am asking people who are not sure, to please check the trim code/s of their truck/s. Often the seat covers have been replaced leaving few clues beyond white door panels (again often changed) and seat belts with black dash pad, column and carpet.

So if you could, please let us know if you have (or just found!) a "Hidden Highlander"

The codes to look for are below.
Also just in case SPID reading is new to you the code may have leading and trailing numbers even letters. Reading between the lines may be needed.

Examples 613, _ 613_ _, 613_ _

As far as the SPID description goes, generally you will see "CUSTOM TRIM COMBINA" or the COLOR followed by "...HIGHLANDER P"

This thread is body style specifc so if you have several different body styles please check the other forums for the specific trim codes as applicable. Not trying to cross post this, just touch with all who may have a Highlander.

Custom Deluxe Z62 mandatory option
Avocado 647
Blue 642
Gray 639
Orange 651

In addition to the Highlander plaid trim your vehicle may ALSO have a Promo Package code.
These bundled options with the plaid trim for a cost savings in three packages "A", "B" and "C"
On the SPID they are coded:

Promo package codes and approximate savings over individual option costs.

A= YG6 Plaid Trim, Special Wheelcovers C10 (PA1) or
Chrome Hubcaps K5 (K10-20 ?), C20-30 (PO3), Chrome Front Bumper (and rear on Suburban or Blazer), Upper Bodyside Molding (belt, pickups only), Door Edge Guards and Below Eye-Line Mirrors (DG4 on Pickups/Suburbans and DF2 on Blazers). A $94.50 savings.

B= YG7 (includes A) Adds Turbo-Hydramatic Trans., Power Steering and Tilt. A $178.50 savings.

C= YG8 (includes A and B) Adds A/C and Tint. A $260.50 savings.

Finally if you have a lower bodyside molding please indicate the insert color (Woodgrained or Black).
I can't read this, might this be one?
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