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Re: Danny Boy is BAACK! w/ '55 Big Window

Saturday, Cinco de Mayo, 018

Journaling this just so I will remember what a total PAIN IN THE BUTT installing my bed has been.

Short version, the bed wood has been on and off the truck twice so far and may come off again tomorrow.

Today I thought I FINALLY had everything ready to install the bedsides - which are absolutely perfect to me.

My son-in-law came over to help me lift each into place. I had the bolts in position, Never Seize on them, wrenches at hand etc. The front aligned perfect with the front bed panel. The bolt holes at the rear of the bedside did NOT match up! GRRR. Off by almost a full bolt diameter even though the bedside itself was up against the oak! Installation cancelled for today. I had somewhere I had to be at 4:00pm

Tomorrow I will attempt to remove just the outer side boards to see if the bedsides will then mate up to the rear cross sill. If not the wood all has to come off again - #@*!&%. If it does and I tighten everything up minimizing the tolerances at each board & strip MAYBE the last side board will fit. If not I will consider my options carefully but wil probably have to rip a narrow strip off both side boards and refinish the boards edges. UGH UGH UGH!
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