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Re: Danny Boy is BAACK! w/ '55 Big Window

Just a status update:
Shortest possible version is that I continue to screw up!

I have to lift the entire bed enough to tighten the fuel lines. I was so focused on getting the strips over the gas tank tightened and the electrical connections right that I put the fuel lines on then didn't go back to tighten them - DOH! I'm just a dumb**** anxious to get my truck drivable with no one to blame but myself, dammit!!

Anyway, I am hatching a plan (hopefully this isn't yet another dumb move) that won't require me to find four friends to come over and fully remove it. I am thinking of temporarily replacing the through-frame bolts with large eyebolts, then use my engine lift to pick it up 1 ft. I can then tighten the fuel lines, double check the strip bolts, then lower it back on the frame with minimal disturbance.
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