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got a cam for my engine, soon to have a carb

Well i was given a 67 gmc this spring and it has escalated from there. I have worked on it all summer out at my cabin between working 6 days a week, partying and slalom skiing so progress was slow over the summer. Now that the truck is home in the city progress is moving steadily. I am finishing metal work on the cab. I have replaced all brake lines and replaced everything on my brakes other then the drums. The brakes just need to be blead and there done. About a month ago i bought a 65 327 small jurnal engine with matching number camel hum heads. I have torn the motor down and it will be rebuild by january. right now im just coasting along doing what i can without spending much money. Plans for the truck is to have it in paint by spring, have my 327 built up and put in and i will be running a th 350 with a high stall or if i can find a good 4 spd i will be runnig that. the rest of the details on my truck you will just have to wait and see.

for some reason my pics wouldnt post up. i will try again to past pics later

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