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Re: 67 gmc-project ball to the walls

well i gaver all weekend on the truck when i wasnt a work and got some stuff done. I have finished with the welding and grinding from shaving my sterio and ash tray from my dash so all that needs is bondo and sanding. I put a floor shift colum in once i cleaned it up and painted it. i compleated my driver side rocker. I pulled everything out of my dash so that i could shave it but also so i could decide how im going to mount my glovebox door guage cluster.

And i also found out whay i wasnt able to get the air out of my brake lines. my master cylinder was leaking at the back of it where the shaft from the brake pedal goes in so ill be picking up a rebuil master cylinder this week and hopfully finish off my brakes.

I will get pics up as soon as my mom gets back sunday with the camara.
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