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Re: 67 gmc-project ball to the walls

Well have a bit of an update. I have been sanding bondo whenever i get the chance to do so this past week and i have made some progresse. The dash is very close to being done, i just need to add some bondo to a few low spots and get it nice and straight and it will be done. I have filled in and grinded all the random holes in my cab. I have started on the interior side of my doors and am almost done the drivers side, it just needs some more sanding and it will be ready for high build.

I also tore my cylinder heads down this week and have decided to get new valve guides put in and also some screw down rocker studs so they are going in with my block and crank. There were supposed to go in this past friday but dosnt look like the guy came to pick them up so i will have to wait till i get back from the christmas break to send it all in. my shop teacher thinks this 327 will have around 375HP when i get it back together.

well here are some pics of my dash and door.
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