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Re: Brought another one home

Originally Posted by richard2717 View Post
Thats weird, I had no issue getting in touch with him. He sent me almost 40 pics of it in current condition before I went up. He has a 4x4 one as well that we tried to make a package deal out of but It is completely taken apart and the only way I could get it home was on the wheel lift behind the rollback. Did not feel comfortable with a 4 hour trip so i just got this one. The tow bill cost me as much as the burb did but i think it was still worth it because of the interior. The guy was supposed to get in touch with Jess to see if he still had the cowl panel for it but have not heard back on that. I have 4 other burbs to rob parts off of to get it back together.

Richard ,
good to hear you took this off Teds hands ....he was in a little over his skis great ideas but hard for him to follow thru i took what i wanted and made a good deal for him and I the interior is super condition as you said...i was supposed to get the trailing arms with the rear before he let it go as you know his father passed but he didn't let me know it was going ,....lets see f we can make a deal for the cowl / arms
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