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Re: Camshaft selection and overdrive

What makes you think a 4L60E should be ditched for a 4L80E? Thereís nothing wrong with a 60 behind a 6.0. Heck, GM offers an LS3 connect and cruise package with a 65 or 70 transmission.

So many people bash the 60 because the internet bandwagon said theyíre junk. Thereís nothing wrong with a 60 transmission.

I can attest to my stock 60 in my 2001 Silverado with a turbo 5.3 that has taken a beating for the last 3 years and still is going strong. Yes, all stock except it has a Circle D converter. I have built a 60 with just about every Sonnax part installed and itís behind an 800hp 6.0 turbo. That transmission is going on itís 5th year with zero issues.

So many haters of the 60 but so many also donít know how good a 60 is. Two each their own.
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