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Re: Camshaft selection and overdrive

Originally Posted by LS short box View Post
My .02 on the cam is I would do the 224I duration about 230 on the exhaust. Around .590 lift with either a 112 or 114 lobe center line. The 112 will give you bit more low end with more chop at idle. The 114 will smooth out the idle a bit but loose a bit at the low end. Should be a piece of cake to tune.
I like Circle and Yank billet converters. I have 3000 stall Yank in my 68. It drives like stocker until you nail it. Because where I live there are a lot of 40 mph roads so I have the tuner program the ECM to lock up the torque converter at 45 mph. Prevents lugging the engine.
I'm running 20" tires. 285/40. 4:10 gears.
Thanks. As you can see I posted this 3 months ago, but Iím glad to see your response. I went with a 224/228-0.600/0.600 on a 112. Itíll be some time before itís all ready though.
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