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Re: 1957 Chevy 3600 Mild Custom Build

So here is where I started with the truck. After talking it over with many people, and due to the fact that the original truck was a 3/4 ton versus the more common 1/2 ton parts availability wise, I decided to shoot for a frame swap. It seemed like it would give me the best combination of modern ride technology and the look I was going for with the truck. After looking around online at what some others had done, I decided that the s10 frame would be just too narrow to live under the 57. I did see people mentioning C10 as a viable candidate, however, so I began to look for one of those. After a couple weeks, I ended up buying this already built up 82 C10 frame. It had all the bushings and ball joints done already and that narrowed 12 bolt posi with mickey thompson sportsmans would look pretty good tucked under those stepside fenders. The measurements seemed to add up, so I had it towed to my place and was honestly pretty impressed at what I got for what I paid for it.
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