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Re: 1957 Chevy 3600 Mild Custom Build

Dropping in the engine was pretty straightforward. As far as transmissions go, I knew I wouldn't be able to live with the slow shifting super heavy granny low 4 speed sm420. I traded a burnt out th350 core for a newer and slightly "tighter" sm465, which I used to mock up for the drivetrain. I had gotten a decent amount done on rust removal and metal panel replacement on the cab, so after measuring from the center of the front tires on the original frame, I transferred that over to the newer frame to locate the cab mounts. I added 2 inches to this measurement to account for the wheel sitting lower in the wheel well in relation to the fender, as many people on this forum have mentioned. Attaching the cab mounts was as easy as drilling and bolting them on after I got the measurements. In the front, the mounts sat 3 inches low, so I used body blocks to get them sitting right in relation to the rear so ths body would sit level with no major "rake". It was about at this point I started to notice the issues coming up with using this frame.
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