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Re: 1957 Chevy 3600 Mild Custom Build

Thanks for checking it out guys!

Around this time that I had gotten the cab swapped over and the engine dropped in, I began to notice some fitment issues that I would be facing. The first and most unsolvable in my opinion would be the front tire track width sticking outside of the fenders by about an inch per side. Now, thats not a huge difference, and I could change that with backspacing or possibly cutting down the control arms, but after mocking up the front sheet metal multiple times I knew I really wanted those front wheels tucked inside and under the fenders.

After I had finished my first year of college and I was headed to Officer Candidates School for the United States Marine Corps and the truck really went on the back burner for the first part of my summer while I was gone for 1.5 months. When I got back, and started getting back on the truck again, I knew that I probably wouldnt be able to use the frame to get the result I wanted. So I put it up for sale, and luckily got what I paid for for it.

While I planned my next move for the chassis, I spent some time starting on removing and replacing the extensive cancer in the cab. I initially replaced both toeboards and floor sections with new 16ga sheet. As I progressed, I realized I should just replace the entire firewall to get that smooth custom look, rather than spend weeks filling holes and massaging the metal just to get it reasonably straight. I designed it out of 3 sections of sheet, with the middle section being set back for enough valve cover clearance. I also spent some time trying to repair the corners, but the compound curves were just too much and I decided I would buy the repair panels and do both of them together. I also shaved the drip rail all the way around the cab.
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