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Wife's 48

We have a '48 5 window pickup I picked up for my wife. We have been going to car shows for years and she decided that between a '69 Chevelle and a 5 window truck, she was a truck girl. I bought the '48 in pieces. The PO had started the rebuild, got sick and sold it. I bought from the second guy who wanted to do it, but got sidetracked with his other project. It appears to have most of the parts, including a new tailgate, bed front, bed support rails, and other new sheet metal repair parts. The frame was cut and the front clip from a '79 Firebird was fabbed onto the back part of the frame. I don't like the look of that work, and was very excited to see the article on using an S10 frame.

So tomorrow I'm going to look at an S10 frame that has been "stripped" (or so says the mechanic who has it) for a 54 truck conversion. The guy has a restoration shop and he started this for a client who decided to just quit the project, and now the shop owner is getting rid of it.

I'm going to have a LOT of questions as this goes on, but the first question is "are the body parts interchangeable" between the '48 and the '54. He will sell me the S10 frame with the cab, inner and outer front fenders, bed sides and some "in bad shape rear fenders" all for cheaper than I can find an S10.

He has removed the S10 cab supports, and that is ok and even if he gouged the frame or something it can still be repaired - right?

I like the doors from the '48 since they don't have the vent window to rebuild. Will they fit the '54 cab (if it is in better shape than the '48).

I know this was a long read for a first post, but I just found this site yesterday (9/18/17) and just arranged to go look at the S10 frame and pieces tomorrow (9/20/17). So any help is appreciated.

I promise pictures will be posted as I move forward, as well as more questions.

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