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Re: 81 Chevy K10 ShortBed

Ok today was a slighty better day, yesterday was teardown day. I first took the seat out to have more room (smart move), got the dash and dash bezel out, glove box, passenger side kick panel.

So I proceeded to place the firewall plate, all the oem holes but one lined up OK no problem. Placed the plate up drilled all the holes, placed the plates up and sealed them up.

Now here comes the "fun" part got all the AC and heater lines on the box installed both the front and rear brackets. I have to say, for nearly 1400$ they could have used studs that come through the firewall. I struggled for about 2 hours to place this box under the dash and bolt it up. Luckily my dad came over and helped me place it. Not a very good design if you ask me, but oh well. After this I had to stop working as I was very irritated at this point and thought I would stop.

Todays work consisted of installing the dash vents, and wiring the unit and getting the interior back in.

The dash vents that go into the dash bezel ARE A JOKE for nearly 1400$ the design for mounting them, especially the center one should be way better. I did not use the "mounting" plate that came with it as I saw no way it would fit. I don't even want to show a picture of how I mounted it. I will be buying another bezel and oem vents when time permits, for now I will use it. The dash trim piece is very nice, no complaints there.

Wiring the unit was very straightforward and easy, no complaints here either. Got the dash, bezel and stereo back in just need to reinstall seat and modify the glove box and reinstall the kick panel.

I'm still waiting for my 3 groove pulley to show up, when it does It will probably take another day to knock out the condenser ect.

Overall the kit is pretty nice, but the vents are a joke and some of the directions are not that great. So far the unit pushes a lot of air out of the vents, more than I expected. The controller is very nice quality.

Here are some pictures!

I used some fatmat under here

I will try to post more, I really wanted to do a nice write up on this but I thought the kit was going to be more of a direct fit, a lot of things I had to "massage" to get to fit right ect. I hope this system works great for all the effort.
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