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Re: Thinking about buying a 2007+ Chevy

Hi 87 Skier,

I have 3 of the 2007 models of these trucks 2 crew cab Silverado LTZ's and one Suburban LT. All have 5.3's in them with towing package and 4wd. I tow a 2016 Stingray 192SC with no problems.

I have had no real problems with 2 of them but have had the lifter issue on one of the Silverado's previously mentioned by 95 S_Trucker. I have also had the oil consumption issue that you may have heard of on all three. I swapped to the newer style valve cover on two of them and that helped but did not totally fix oil consumption. I then put a Hypertech 32501 tuner on and turned the AFM off and that seems to have really helped oil consumption on all three.

IMO I would stay away from the 2007 or 2008 models of this truck with higher mileage because of the risk of the lifter issue mainly. I think 2010 and up GM fixed a lot of the issues that were plaguing this truck. Definitely put the tune on it no matter what year you get, the 32501 covers till at least 2015.

Good luck with your search...

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