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Re: 1941 1/2 ton project Hannah

yeah, mostly! thinking of either going to the benton airport fly in saturday or working on Wamego, the next project, a 49 GMC 1/2 ton. going a bit different on Wamego, thinking 20s and rubber bands and maybe even air ride. I have a whole ridetech S10 setup on the shelf, just needs bushings and one bag, and a set of MIC manuals. and some MMW longer uppers, and AIM longer lowers. hmm.

its a hit at the gas station, I had to ask people to move (nicely) to take a picture and I think I got proposed marriage. solid offer, maybe if he shaved his beard. you can see the rear is dropping with driving, already I am thinking a 1" block instead of 2".

IMG_0079 by Joe Doh, on Flickr
IMG_0078 by Joe Doh, on Flickr

here is the video with mrs joedoh driving. she liked it so much she was gone 20 minutes! said it was so nice to drive she just kept going on the longer loop.

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Project: WAMEGO
my LU3 4.3 4L60E S10 49 GMC 150

if there is a problem, I can have it.

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