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Re: 1941 1/2 ton project Hannah

Originally Posted by joedoh View Post
there isnt a wrong year, 2wd s10s were mostly the same 82-02. that does looks like a shortbed, but its easy as heck to make a shortbed longer just by moving the front leaf perch back and flipping the rear section of the frame.

I thought that sounded like a rockin good deal. I understand moving the front perches back. Not sure if I would even have to flip the rear frame section. My plan with the dodge was to do a shorter then stock wheelbase anyway, say around 112". So I might be able to just move front and rear perches back 4" as it is in fact 108"
I'm still not sure I can get pass the fact that it would be a Dodge on a Chevy frame though. I still might use stock frame with a Dakota crossmember. Hmmmmm
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