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Wet Ignition System issues... ever use "WIRE DRYER" ...

We've had a '99 Suburban that randomly just WILL NOT START.. it's taken us years to nail this down and it appears it's due to wetness as so often it rained the night before and without fail.. it will not start...

Husband bought a can of "WIRE DRYER"...Link here:

He sprayed this on when it was still wet one didn't help.. (Probably should have done when dry?) Anyone else out there with this consistent issue and what you did about it ??

Outside of this...the Burb runs GREAT , we hate to get rid of it.. but we simply can't count on it to start, therefore we have insurance on 4 vehicles when really we only need 3 for our we can get to work each day without fail..

Just need ideas to how to fix this once and for all.. what has worked for you??

Thank you so much.
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