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1986 GMC Sierra Classic LWB build

Hi all, i'm new to the forums. just wanted to share my current project with everyone. it's a 1986 GMC sierra classic that i've been slowly working on for several years now. i finally got it painted and now things are kicking into overdrive.
me and my dad have been working on it since i was 15, i'm 19 now. we put a new motor/tranny combo in, a vortec headed 350 built up just a little. 9.6:1 compression, .486 lift comp cam, vacuum secondary holley 600. nothing too crazy since its a daily driver, but its alot more than a stock motor. just a rebuilt TH350, i think we might of put a shift kit in it i cant remember (been a while lol). got an audio build going along side this build, the mids/highs are installed already, i have the amps and headunit, just havent put them in yet. still need to buy about 60 feet worth of 1/0 wire for wiring batteries, amps, alternator, big 3, and some new grounds.

anyway onto the pics. i dont have many, just pics of it sitting in the shop after we painted it. more to come once it gets out in the sun with bumpers and lights and everything put back together.
the paint color is BMW Chili Red

also, anyone know if one of those sectioned foldable hard toneau covers are made for an 8ft bed? the ones that are like the stock avalanche covers.

and yes, the bed is getting a spray in bedliner, not leaving it the stock gray paint

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