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Re: 1994 Suburban - bodied on custom frame

I'm little ahead of my annual post, but my brother was able to get the new rear end mocked up. We adjusted the rear arms for more clearance for the 22s I'll run vs the 24/26s the original builder was planning on. He got the shocks and panhard bar mocked up out back too. He was able to finalize the mock up front, so the burb has air on all 4 corners for the 1st since I brought it home! truck gets to ride height with only about 50-60lbs on t'd lines too.

We've got some plans for fuel cell and sheetmetal outback, but he needed space in his shop for some other customers and I did kind of spent my funds elsewhere. 07 yukon xl bagged on 26s bc why not?

And since I posted my 85 before, here's an update on the that guy too. Yes, I have a burb fetish currently owning my 85, 94, 01, 07 (yukon xl), and my wife's 11... don't you judge me!
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