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Re: gooseneck or not?

Originally Posted by Ironhorse View Post
If I was a LEO I would pull him over and cite him in a heart beat for operating an unsafe vehicle. I sure as He.. would not follow him down the road.

No doubt. ^^^^

Towing can be sketchy enough just trying to avoid the people that have never towed anything in their lives that cut you off and slam on their brakes.

Everytime I tow its an OCD routine for me. Double and triple check ALL connections. Hitch pin, the ball, safety chains crossed, light connection, signal function and hub temp before i leave and whenever I stop. I wouldn't say Im uncomfortable towing but do have a very heightened awareness of what I'm doing the entire time.

Knowing that a contraption like that could be the difference between making it home or not would make my OCD level shoot off of the charts. Heck, just knowing that stuff like that is ok with some people makes me not wanna leave the house.

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