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Re: gooseneck or not?

I can't say I have ever even considered a hitch like that but I have done some crazy stuff "years" ago that I would never consider today.

Back in the early 90's my father in law gave me his old international dump truck he no longer needed. At the time I was only about 21 years old and did not have much but I had just bought my house and needed to do some lane restoration and move some dirt around the property. I had no way of getting the dump truck home by myself and could not afford the wrecker bill. I borrowed my buddy and his 72 Blazer and my FIL's next door neighbor had a dual wheel single axle trailer he let me borrow. We hooked the trailer to the blazer and loaded this 6 wheel dump on it and headed out for the 25 mile trip. What a trip it was lol 21 miles per hour was fine, if you messed up and went 22 miles per hour it was like you were a side winder snake going thru the desert. Was never so happy to get that rig off the road. I did not even own a camera at the time but here are pictures of everything at a later date. The international on a better trailer on its way to the scrap yard, The blazer after years of neglect (I own it now in dry storage) and the trailer I used to haul the dump being used to haul my ex wifes horse shed back to her parents place

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