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Re: SoCal checkin' in

Originally Posted by VDOG View Post
There's that 50's styled diner in Harbor City, Rickey's (I think thats the name) on the corner of Normandie and Sepulveda. they have a lot of Hotrod meetings there. Probably would have to make arangements with them to get a date. Also what kind of compression are you getting with that 350 block and 283 heads? I mention that to a guy who might build an engine for me and he seemed to be against it.
Rickey's would be pretty Ideal huh? Ive heard their cruise nights are pretty cool....Ill look into that place as well. As for the CR with the 283 heads, that is no more but I tell you what, she ran like a bat outta hell before they went! hehehehe...Im sure it had to be over 11:1 though.
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