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Re: 4X4 Action Pix

Originally Posted by johnnywagon View Post
Best video I've seen in a while!! Burt. you rock! I wanna go wheelin' w/you.
Thanks Guys!
Some of my friends call my truck terminator cuz it doesn't like to stop or once I start I don't stop until I bust thru to the other side...that time I alomost lost it so I had to stop and take a different line
some of the guys I have wheeled with in the past take FOR EVER to get thru a hard spot, stoping, backing up, worried about whatever.....then I pull up look for my line and then go go gadget throttle but not everytime hahahaa
Another reason I NEED a front D60
My next adventure will be at Pismo Dunes in May...really get to open up the 454 there
1972 K5 MPFI454/Sm465/Np205/D60/14FFd/Re-Centerd H1s w/Swamper Iroks
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