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Re: Progress on 46

Hi Rob C, yea some progress on the fender extenders for the dually. No extenders then singles, extenders then duals. If I use them they will be red with the bed and the fenders gloss black. I have the driver side hanging on the truck bed with fender on it. The fender extender is 14 ga inside and top with a 16 ga outer lip for bolting fender. A slight problem hanging the extender on the 16 ga bed side --- may bounce some. I will have to figure bracing of the bed side if I go that way. Also I will trim the inside of the extender when they come back off the bed for blasting/prep. Painting will be done next spring on the bed, extender and fenders. I have 2 pair of big truck running boards that I will pick and use.

I did get the seat finished and in it along with the inside door panels of which I got a lower half patch panel out of Canada for the driver side.

60 degrees here today.
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