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Re: Keep my old SBC 350 or ditch it and get a Vortec?

Originally Posted by 6T7 C10 View Post
I agree with the previous posters on the L31 benefits. I went the Vortec crate route to keep it classic with a touch of modern when I ditched the 250-6. Your carburetor would work fine on a Vortec specific intake manifold. I am using a spectra fuel pump SP1130 along the frame rail. Timing chain cover w/o the hole and yes to the mellonized distributor gear on the HEI distributor. Your accessory brackets will bolt up to the block and heads just like before. The only go fast goodies I have in it are the FelPro 1094 .015 head gaskets and 1.52:1 full roller rockers and it runs fine. Any questions please ask.
I like your valve covers. What are they?
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