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Re: 1967 C-50 Dump truck Project

So I've been chipping away at the mechanical aspect of the truck. I got the brake lines done, the exhaust manifold and exhaust finished, got the heater working, and the blower motor running. One of the last things I needed/wanted to do before the first test drive was getting the wipers working.

A lot of things on this truck was farm fixed. Meaning if it could be fixed with what was around the farm,that how it was fixed. This of course is speculation.. but it sounds about right with what I have undone in the last few weeks.

For instance, The wiper switch is long gone and a toggle switch was used in it's place,same goes for the heater switch. Under the dash is a rats nest of wires. Most of which are the 4 wire combo of white,brown,yellow,and green found on most standard trailer wiring. I cut most of it out and also did away with all the toggle switches.

This was when I found out partly why the wiper motor wasn't working..

The mount has completely rusted away. So I will be on the hunt for a donor cab to get a wiper motor mount to weld back into place.

A little refresher on the plan may be in order here. So when I started this thread I spoke about the roughness of the body. I also went out to Kansas and bought a real decent body. My current plan is to try and make this truck usable so I can use it this winter, meaning I need to get as many of the necessities fixed while I redo parts of the new body and prepare it for the swap. Which I hope will be in the spring time. In the mean time I am trying to keep the truck together but it has proven to be some what difficult when I keep running into other issues.
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