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Re: Home made burb headliner

Originally Posted by Jwill41 View Post
what material did you use? it looks great and I need to try something with mine.
Originally Posted by rsavage View Post
Looks great. What did you use to hold the panels up on the metal cross bows? Are those the stock plastic/chrome pieces painted white or something else?
Cutting the boards to fit snug is the key, once you get the board cut right and fitted. All you have to do is use the original center anchor screw, that will keep the board secure. Then use the white plastic strip to secure the next board butted up against each other.

This sheet board was pretty good to work with, flexible enough to work with and gives a little with warm temps.

When I did mine, I laid out the 4x8 sheets on my driveway in the sun. After that, they were "easier" to work with, but I was by myself so if you have a helper you will be so much better off!

I made a lot of mistakes/damage just because of the floppy-ness of these things, and being on my own trying to get things to fit right.

If only I had two or three other arms!
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