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Re: Home made burb headliner

Originally Posted by BIG ORANGE View Post
Not bad, looks real nice!
Thats the very same material I used back in 2001 on BIG ORANGE
However I had to go with the original OEM bow's!
The rig got 3 best interior awards in 2yrs!
I also put insulation board behind the headliner for sound deadning!

It will be a long time before I get any kind of award for best interior on my burb... Doing 3 bench seats is pretty expensive, and on top of that no one is making OEM style covers for a 68 burb yet. So I am rockin the horse blanket cover in the front, and dirty original covers on the back two for who knows how long.

I got the head liner issue squared away for the most part, and all the side panels done in OEM color and pattern. Plus my carpet, though nice is the wrong color. One of the pitfalls of buying stuff for a burb, before what you actually need is made like they are now a days.

I learned a lot about what actually people are impressed with at truck show's at the last Brothers show, and mostly stock K20 burbs are not one of them.
Maybe it was the show, and what was being promoted.

Though I built my baby for me, so who cares!
1968 K20 Suburban
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