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Re: Thoughts on Solid Front Axle Swap on 2007.5 3500 hd

Originally Posted by Puke160 View Post
When you say the older Dana 60 you are talking early and mid 70's right Ford's right? There is a guy not far from me that has 7 or 8 of them just sitting the the cow pasture. The bodys are destroyed but they are all 3/4 or 1 tons.

And I want leaf springs. I think they will hold up a little better and you can have a set made for cheap. With the setup I have now with the flat bed, tools, welder, torch, and two 75 gal L tanks the truck weight 12,870#. And that's if there are no parts on it. I'm not worried about adding weight it. I just need to hold up to the constant weight of the truck it self.

The most off road that truck will ever see is a little mud checking cows and or rough water way. It will never see an off road park or sand dunes. But I did think about putting an air locker in the front if I actually do the SAS.
yep should be drivers drop kingpin 60.

look here-
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