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Re: Thoughts on Solid Front Axle Swap on 2007.5 3500 hd

You can go low on an SAS, but I have zilch for experience/knowledge on anything newer than a 2000 model. I just read an 80-some page post where I guy took a 2wd crew and converted it to 4wd. It has 285s on it and looks insane. I’d say it 3-4” over a stock 2wd, maybe 2-3” over stock 4wd. It just looks killer, and even running stock rims. Not having done a low SAS, it seems to me the biggest concern is tierod. Need to go crossover, but goin on top of the arm will put the draglink into the frame. Could always notch it and brace with tube cut in half. Can’t really go under cause the spring will be in the way. Seems the best way is to go inverted Y, which is what 1/2 ton Ford did on the 150s and broncos. It connects on the pass of the tierod, where the steering stabilizer would go. Do a search, not just here but on google, I’m sure there are some other builds out there to get info from.
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