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Originally Posted by VetteVet View Post
Does it look like this one?

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Top red wire is power wire from engine bay.
just below is red wire, I am not sure where it goes. I think it is full time hot also.
clockwise 2 brown wires are for the brake warning light. One from the master cylinder and the other goes to the cluster brake warning light.

Two greens are temp sensor light one from the engine LH head and the other goes to the cluster for the temp light. These are not used on gauge clusters with a temperature gauge.

bottom pink is the ignition wire to the cab side of the firewall block to the distributor. It also feeds the fuse panel and the cluster panel.

Purple wire is starter solenoid wire. The larger brown and smaller brown at 10 o*clock are the accessory terminal wires. The large one goes to the fuse panel for the flasher power, heater fan, wiper motor and the smaller one goes to the inside of the cab firewall block and on to the external voltage regulator.

There are plenty of battery drain threads on the forums and how to troubleshoot them but some quick checks are.

Unhook the negative battery terminal and connect a test light or better yet a multimeter that reads at least 10 amps, between the cable and the negative post on the battery . If you have a drain you should get a light or a amp reading. Make sure the key switch is off and no lights or anything is on.
Start with the alternator plug and output wire by disconnecting them one at a time. If the light stays on unplug the regulator. Then the horn relay in the cab by the steering column.

These are the common Key off drains. The brake light circuit and the four way flashers as well as the interior lights are also key off circuits.

Then I go to the key on circuits starting at the key switch, unplug it and make sure all the wire are going to the right terminals. This step should turn off the light. If the light stays on then you would make sure the key is off and start pulling fuses on the fuse panel one at a time watching for the light to go out or the meter reading to drop. When that happens check the circuit and you'll know what the drain is.

Since you just worked on the key switch, that's most likely where the drain is.
Recheck the wiring connections to be sure they are correct.
So here's what I've got. Big red to big red. Purple to purple. Gray to pink. Big brown to big brown. Little brown(on the same branch as big brown) is going to possibly purple(maybe brown) wire with a white stripe. And then two little browns to two little browns.
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