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Re: 1972 Blazer CST Frame off Project in NC

Ok - So its been 6 weeks or so since my last post, but have ben making lots of progress and will use this post to describe some of it, and then post a few series of pics that go with each one. As usual, the forum here has been a priceless source of information - - - THANKS to everyone who posts and responds to PMs!

Transfer Case - I posted a pic of the disassembled T Case and thanks to jbclassix rebuild post on them, I have mine back together and I modified it to a twin shifter with a kit I acquired from JB Fabrication in Oregon. I had to search around to find a rebuild kit that didn't use chinese bearings - but found one that was all Timken and a few NSK. I even found a NOS MRC bearing for the front of the adapter plate where it connects to the TH350. Pics in the posts below.

Axles - I took them to the powertrain shop I decided on and had them disassembled. I am decent mechanic and a pretty good parts changer, but I felt like I didn't have the tools or experience to build the differentials, set backlash and check tooth patterns and all. After the disassembly, I took the casing and external pieces to my blaster and paint guy and had them blasted, primed and painted. Turned out nice. Pics posted below.

The D44 gears got wet and had some pitting - but worse - they were 308s. I had hoped for 373s, so, the pitting gave me a good reason to justify the expense. I went with Spicer US made OEM gears in the D44 (not their Indian made SVL line). Went with a full rebuild - new bearing (Timken) seals, etc. All the other hard parts were salvageable. I did buy new Warn lockers - as the drivers side was water damaged pretty badly.

The GM12 bolt gears were replaced with Motive 373s. Other hard parts were good - but rather than rebuild the GM Posi, I went with a Detroit Truetrac. No clutches to wear out and no need to for additives in the diff case. I also used this time to replace the brake backer plates and upgrade to the bigger rear drums.

TH350 - I found an old school guy in his late 60s that has been rebuilding TH350s for 40 years, so he built mine. Had to replace the case as it had an internal crack, improved the bushings, put a shift kit in it, asked him to beef it up to handle up to 450HP. Went with a 2500 rpm stall converter. No pics of it yet.

Body Work - Richie has been hanging sheet metal and making adjustments. Got the new bed floor, bedsides and doors hung - now is the fitting. Time consuming. Also decided to replace the replaced rockers. PO did some hack work. Hopefully, I will get the frame back in December and can start putting the rolling chassis together. Right now - I have a pile of parts ready to go on! Some body work pics below.

Parts - Acquired a few more things over the last few weeks. Energy Suspension motor, tranny and Tcase mounts. Inline tubing brake and fuel lines. New fuel tank. Complete E brake cable kit. Like I said, ready to start bolting stuff on.
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