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Re: '70 K20 carb options

Originally Posted by jopaul View Post
I have HEI mod. The guy I bought it from explained that it is set weird for some reason, he didn't go into details. I'll have to ask him about it specifically.

Thing is, when it's cool outside (well, here in Washington, 50 degrees with sun is a nice day) like around 60 degrees, it turns over and runs like a champ. A little high RPM's (I dunno if 1k RPM's is good, to me it seems high) but drives just fine. When it's takes a few clicks of the key to get it staying running and the RPM's go low to 800 and seems like it wants to stall when I'm at a stop.
Its good you have an HEI. Its a great upgrade. Let us know what's weird about your HEI when you find out and we can help you sort it out.

If your truck is an automatic, your idle speed should be 600 rpm while in gear with your foot on the brake. In park you're looking at 750 to 800 rpm, no more than that.

Regardless of if you stay with a carb or go efi, its a great idea to replace your intake with a better unit. I personally recommend the Edelbrock EPS or RPM. And you should not have any timing issues related to replacing the intake.
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