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Re: Restoring Rusty

When looking for a brand new Hurst shifter components I further learned there were two Saginaw transmission types the 441 and the 456.

Hurst makes linkage for the 441 but not for the 456. So naturally I believe I have the 456, lol. Though with that Chevelle style bracket I think it makes it a moot point as to which one I have the 441 vs the 456 as it mounts the shifter using the bracket and ignored the holes in the tailshaft.

hope you is following all this it can get unnecesarily complicated

and I still don't get how this is supposed to be a torque tube transmission as it accepts a regular Turbo 350 yoke and has a rear seal for an open shaft, but the graphic saying it could be off of a 1981-82 Camaro or Firebird makes me feel a bit warm and fuzzy inside
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