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Proof of AM/FM radio availability in 1969

This might shake some of you up when you see it - the consensus seems to have always been that AM / FM radios were not offered on GM trucks until the 1971 model year ( or so I have been told by 67-72 gurus) but take a look at the dealership bill of sale showing all the options being ordered for this special 1969 GMC 4x4 that was on Ebay - scroll through the pics until you find it. Ppwk clearly shows that among many rare options this truck was ordered with an AM / FM radio, PLUS even more interesting, despite us seeing the proof of it being ordered with it on all the option related window sticker and invoices etc, the AM/FM radio option does NOT show up on the trucks' glovebox decal. How ya like them apples 67-72 gurus? Thoughts? Comments? is this undeniable proof of AM/FM radio availability for 1969 & 1970 trucks?

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