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Re: Project: '72 Family Hauler

Originally Posted by LockDoc View Post
OUCH!.... That sucks. I have had a couple of my bits catch on me but so far I haven't broken anything except the "D" handle on my big 1/2" drill. I hope it doesn't slow you down too long.


Originally Posted by Bennett68C10 View Post
Sorry to hear that Jason, hopefully you heal up soon!
Originally Posted by gringoloco View Post
Damn. Iíve had mine kick a few times, but it hasnít managed to hurt me too bad, yet. Just a few heavy bruises and plenty of blood. Sorry to hear
Thanks for the well wishes. Iím still in a little disbelief that it actually happened. I donít think this drill will be pulling Suburban duty any longer. Iíll stick with the battery drill from now on. Iíll be back at it as soon as the ortho releases me.

Originally Posted by mcbassin View Post
Very cool new project! Looking forward to following along with this one. I didn't realize you had sold the GMC. Subscribed...
Thanks for checking it out and following along. This thing will never be as nice as the gmc but itís going to be equally as fun. The kids are so excited about riding in it. I hate that itís postponed a little but weíll be making the daycare parking lot cool very soon.
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