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Re: Ran those tests

Originally Posted by C10Coloradoguy View Post
So I checked the purple wire (Marked as Turn Switch Feed on AAW) and VV is correct. I read 0.84 ohms which is probably normal.

When I flip the switch is when everything goes to crap. Now maybe I should mention that I have been testing with the switch in the column and the steering wheel completely off and when running these ohm tests I've taken the switch out of the column and verified that no wires are touching or frayed. But I am testing with the switch outside of the column.

When I move the switch right or left, ALL of the turn signal wires, both right and left, front and back, go to 0 ohms. That certainly doesn't sound right...
Check your hazard switch for closed, this would connect all the turn wires together and give you zero ohms between the purple wire and any of the turn signal wires.

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