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Lightbulb One (3) more thing(s)

Since we are talking about the purple and brown wire on the steering column, I thought I might mention the flashers. They are the same and came with the wiring kit. Model is 552/536 12 volt 32CP-MAX6. Since the hazard and turn are the same, it may say something about the wiring configuration but I'm not sure what.

Also, just FYI, when everything is hooked up and I try the switch in either direction, there may be a one second delay and then the fuse pops. But the lights do not flash before the fuse pops. Could that indicate the issue is before or after the flashers?

One more thing: My rear markers are 3 wire (white, red, black) LED. I have done research on these and everything I have read indicates white=ground, red=turn, black=running. I had a theory that I might have this backwards and it was overloading the switch. But this theory fails because the running lights work all the way around the truck.

Anyway, there's more info. All input is welcome as usual.
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