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Front park/turn lights are the problem

I got ahold of AAW and we ran a couple of tests. We were able to bypass the switch and found the rear turn signals work fine. Then we tried both front turn signals. The front park/turn lights are grounding when the switch is flipped and causing the fuse to blow. I'm certain this is what is causing the issue.

Waaaay back in this thread there was a time when I switched the wires on the front park/turn lights and this allowed the park lights to work. But on my harness the connectors for the front park/turn lights that plug in at the radiator support are [B]3 wire[B] and not two wire like every schematic that exists for this model truck. AAW even said this was unusual and is probably some kind of aftermarket connector.

I'll note here that the guy I bought this truck from was basically a used car salesman and lied to me about several things and said the electrical worked just before I drove it home with headlights only. So once again, I'll curse his name: THAT F*****G GUY!!! (where is the emoji with two middle fingers? You can name it after me.)

So with a 3 wire connector, one should go to park, one should go to turn, and one should go to ground (presumably). Since the park lights work I took the two remaining wires on each side (ground and turn) and switched them. Then hooked up the battery, turned the ignition, and tried the turn signal again. And the fuse popped....again.

As I said above, every schematic I've seen has two wires into the front park/turn lights and is grounded at the bulb. I believe this connector is incorrect so I am going to cap off the ground wire on each connector to see if that solves it. If not, then I'll have to look for different connectors. We'll see what happens.
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