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Re: December 2016 - Lingering Load

It truly is a privilege to take the gold in this months competition, (a little back story about myself), I recently graduated high school last year and am currently attending med school with hopes of becoming a doctor, the truck was given to me by my grandfather for Christmas 5 years ago, my father and I decided to do a full on restoration on the old girl. I never in a million years expected it to turn out a good as it did. The truck really does not get out as much as it should , I mean I took it to my senior prom last year and took a couple girls on dates with it, but mainly the only time its out is for car shows

With all of that being said I really want to thank every one who voted for the old girl, it truly means allot. I can't lie as much fun as these competitions are , they are indeed tough to win, I truly was a little discouraged after loosing February's competition, but me and the old girl took are losses and came out victorious this time around. A little quick shout out to A fellow member TRUCKS72 (Jerry Brown at the truck shop), Jerry and his boy Jason helped me and my old man a bunch in the restoration, those guys are truly ur one stop shop for truck parts!!

Once again a big thank you to every one who voted, But don't sit down just yet TOTY is among us!!

Coop out!
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